The grandeur and scale of AICW2015 was unprecedented and the curtains came down on some of the finest fashion the country has ever witnessed. Couture took centre stage, but it wasn’t just design that caught our attention; from the sets, the organisation, to the pre and post events, everything was streamlined and top grade. Creative professionalism was at its best with the country’s finest talent in full action-from make up artists to choreographers, top models and musicians, all brought their A-game to India couture week.  Read more

Celebrity Show Stoppers

A bevy of Bollywood beauties took to the runway at Amazon India Couture Week. Celebrity showstoppers add a touch of glamour to the model line up and are always a treat to watch. This season, we saw some of the biggest names in the movies fly to the Capital to lend their support to their favourite designers.

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Hair and Beauty trends

Clothes are just half the story, every season ushers in a fresh set of beauty trends to keep one in vogue. Hair and make up play key roles in making one stylish. Not only is it fun to play mix and match, but simple sweeps of a brush can do wonders and result in dramatic makeovers. Our MAC team of experts worked behind the scenes at AICW creating looks that were not only up to date with international trends but also forecast what will run strong through 2016. These hair and make up trends hot off the catwalk are sure to make heads turn.

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Simplicity and elegance was a key theme in the ‘Maharadjah & Co’ collection. Designer’s Rimple and Harpreet Narula took a minimalist
approach to traditional Indian silhouettes, rather than going with over the top embellishments and zardozi chose to use subtle crystals 
and muted tones.

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