October 17, 2023 FDCI

Sari Stories

From jersey to satin Shweta Kapoor’s saris tell us you can walk the talk with this slithering drape, as she adds an 80s touch to it, this season.

By Asmita Aggarwal

It is a label that began its foray with a personal possession, the last four digits of a phone number as the brand name 431-88, but the London-educated Shweta Kapur in 2012, knew that innovation is the name of the game to capture a market share in an over saturated industry. She decided to work with the indigenous Indian drape—the sari and modernized it, giving it solid hues minus any embellishment. This versatility gives you the freedom to wear it with sports bralettes, as it comes armed with tassels, beads, above all is wrinkle-free giving women the ease of pack and go!

“Ten years earlier, I was focused on creating a vibe of the brand, and my last show was pre-covid, it’s been four years since I was on the runway,” says Shweta.

Focused on communication through shoots, visual campaigns and rooted in the ethos of commercial fulfilment, Shweta believes drapes have always serenaded her. Their charm is enormous, and they are an approachable shape that is fuss-free for a destination wedding or a beach holiday, even an evening out.

“It adds to your entire persona, as we now have a distinct handwriting, the effort is to accentuate it with an engaging styling option for our runway presentation,” she admits. Using a sea of fabrics, her most loved are suiting materials, to satins and silks, jerseys made to last and you have the option to play with structure, fitted corsets, as well as draped dhotis. “Why should two people dress the same way? They should mix and match and create their own style with what we offer. Even wear it with something that already exists in their wardrobe,” she admits.

LFW 2023 has been an ode to power suiting of the 80s juxtaposed with the 90s, and add to this a dollop of flirtiness, with minimal embellishments but a fresh aesthetic. And, yes, Malaika Arora the ageless show stopper can carry off anything even a oversized, high waisted men’s suit by Shweta Kapoor.

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