July 31, 2023 FDCI

Wizards of Time

From ‘Fibonacci’ to ‘Equinox’, the admiration for Maths and its lasting solutions have fascinated the duo, who have been on this creative journey together for 25 years, and counting. ICW 2023 was about romancing 3D embroideries and just like their themes, the precision it echoes, is mirrored in cuts.

By Asmita Aggarwal

What magic can a star brother bring in, lots apparently! That is why Ishaan Khattar, and his true-blue Punjabi genetics came to good use at the Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna ICW showcase. In the hue of the young night, Khattar glistened in the arch lights and had a sensual, midriff-baring, leggy Sobhita Dhulipala, for company. It was a match ‘Made in Heaven’.

An equinox is an event in which a planet’s subsolar point passes through its Equator. This is when both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere experience daytime and nighttime at the same time. This year the ICW 2023 line was named ‘Equinox’ after the meeting point of two parallel times, metaphorically.

This fascination for mathematical solutions kind of spills over every year, last time it was “Fibonacci”, a concept better understood by the example of the way tree branches split. The trunk will grow until it produces a branch —two points. New stems branch into two, while the other one lies in waiting—it could also be an effective metaphor for growth which is multidimensional. Lateral thinking can be seen in their Art gallery Palette too, which recently completed 20 years of making sure that a modern voice finds a place in this often-traditional genre.

It’s always a houseful at Rohit and Rahul, but what’s interesting was the show commencing in their signature star burst and Laxmi Rana, doing the honours. Hoods have found their tribe, along with cut out dresses, floor sweeping deftly tailored coats as well as risqué gowns rustling with sparkle.

As the duo who have been in the business of fashion for the last 25 years and only recently began their love affair with couture, during the pandemic to be precise, it seemed they have mastered the need for embellished two tone jackets, sparkling crochet capes, as high waisted roomy pants, made a strong appearance and on a canvas of black. And they gave us everything you need to look luminous.

Hybrid lungi pants with drapes for men, longer lengths, almost like overcoats, complete with interesting fabric manipulations, there was no doubt, they had found shimmer in subdued hues of ink blues, charcoals, along with metallic embroidery and pearls. There was an assortment of techniques deployed to add dramatic overtures to their form accentuating gowns. Dhoti-draped gowns, smashes of violets for men, maroons floated in with curve accentuating pieces.


That’s not all 20s glamour emerged in the tasselled asymmetrical, body huggers in silver. The line somewhere was also a gender bender as you could borrow some of the engineered jackets from men and wear them with your vintage super comfy palazzos.

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