July 30, 2022 FDCI

Taking Flight

Diamond veils, faux feathers and signature ruffles, the Peacocks, Shane and Falguni paid homage to unfettered sparkle.

By Asmita Aggarwal

After 17 years of being in the fashion universe, doing a show at the historic Taj Mahal and dressing from hotel heiress Paris Hilton to now royalty Sara Ali Khan, the Peacocks know how to court success.

This year for ICW 2022, a pristine white set, resembling the ruins from the Renaissance period, were mirrored in the butter-coloured, pearl encrusted lehengas.  And it was a quiet goodbye to uneasy duppattas and a warm welcome to trails and veils, as the duo displayed their love for faux feathers, which were omnipresent on trims of the capes to jackets.

In a bid to redefine how and what we wear, diamond necklaces were styled into veils for prospective grooms.

Icy blues, salmon pinks, each piece was heavily embellished with geometric motifs inspired by the domes and arches of French architecture.

The peacocks like to live large, and show their love for everything luxe, thus, the elements of ruffles remain constant. Coloured stone encrusted bodysuits, fringed velvet shawls over lehengas, star burst on jackets, it was a subdued palette of cappuccino, and a mesmerising lavender led the way along with cropped blouses.



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