August 27, 2021 Asmita Aggarwal

Inner glow

Multipurpose blouses and pastels make it a match made in heaven for Reynu Taandon

By Asmita Aggarwal

This year Reynu Taandon has abandoned the need for looking externally beautiful, and is now courting the desire to celebrate inner beauty, that’s why her ICW 2021 line, “Zuri” had three dedicated looks for brides, who want to look their best on their special day without having to compromise on colour.

Pastels with intricate embroidery, fresh flavours and crafted silhouettes kind of sums up her line that was shot at her farmhouse with fresh flowers and three beautiful sets giving a fairytale vibe. “I wanted it to be versatile, trendy and the mood as always is majestic and romantic, offering classics interpreted in a contemporary manner,” she explains.

A match made in heaven was the central theme, which began with baby pinks and moved on to multicoloured flowers and ended with ivories. “Generally, most start with softer tones and then go on to adding colour. I wanted to do the opposite, and each section caters to a different age bracket, of course there is always going to be overlapping,” she explains.

The collection titled “Zuri” is multidimensional with short kurtas, bell bottoms replete with rose petal, caramel, egg white and beige hues executed mostly in nets. Swarovski crystals, pearls and beads take centre stage, ideal for a cocktail or pre-wedding function. The focus was on drape saris, with a blouse that has a multipurpose use, you can team it up with skinny pants or a skirt and belt, so different generations can wear it uniquely.  This year, the choli blouse has been relegated to the back bench and the satin drape blouse is the highlight, which comes with a lehenga and a luxurious trail. Or the off shoulder blouse that can be worn with your jeans and also a nice Banarasi sari for your friend’s wedding, maybe not your own, gives it that versatility, she adds.

“Everyone says women want lighter lehengas but that’s not true in my opinion, brides want to look glamorous and desire something that is impactful. Last year red was the colour of the season, this year pastels are ruling the trend charts,” she adds.

Reynu has designed all the belts to accessorise her ensembles, that come with sequins, cut danna and pearls, and add to the look of the ensemble along with her characteristic thread work embroidery.  And when you have Bollywood sweetheart Chitrangada Singh as your muse looking sun kissed in ivory with her light brown eyes serenading you to choose wisely, you have to make the seismic shift.

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