March 23, 2020 Asmita Aggarwal

Size matters

Zenia Boga, is a model of many talents, from styling to acting, glamour makes her heart sing

By Asmita Aggarwal

At six feet one inch Zenia Yazad Boga, literally and almost metaphorically looks down on the rest of the world! But this is actually part of a genetic lottery that she won thanks to both her maternal and paternal grandparents who are more than six feet two inches tall. “I moved to England for my higher studies so there everyone is already so tall, I wasn’t considered an anomaly; in India, a lot of people just stand and stare at me,” she giggles.

Zenia, from a Parsi family, began modelling almost two years ago and came back to the country to complete her Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM), and pursue modelling full-time. “My mom has been pushing me to take up modelling after I won the May queen contest, which helped me in grooming and was my first attempt at the spotlight,” remembers the young model selected this year.

Though fashion has been her calling since she turned 16, and the UK helped her observe behind the scenes when she interned with, Clark’s and L.K. Bennett and worked with a stylist for Indian magazines. At 23, she was ready to finally come out of the shadows and face the camera, as she believes she is not cut out for a corporate job like her father who is the CEO of Intellika. “My younger sister is training to become a chef, both of us chose career paths that made us happy and luckily my parents are extremely supportive, especially my mom who is a teacher,” she admits.

Interestingly, Zenia has a passion for art and has been sketching which she hopes to develop in the future with a fashion line, as styling was a big part of her journey. “I love the catwalk more than the staid print campaigns, in fact, people often come and ask me where I get the confidence to pose so effortlessly. But when I’m up there I really own it and I want to create a beautiful image,’ she explains.

Taking acting classes at Jeff Goldberg, Zenia wants to explore different facets of her personality and being a trained Bharatnatyam dancer she also wanted to learn Western dance from Shiamak Davar, but her first love is freestyle, as it lets the body find the rhythm. “I really can’t tell you what I will do in the future, as I live my life one day at a time, but I do know I will continue to model till it gives me happiness,” she concludes.



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