March 31, 2020 Asmita Aggarwal

Ola! from Brazil

13 to 25, life has been a whirlwind for Mayara, a Brazilian model, who has been an avid world traveller

By Asmita Aggarwal

Coming from Brazil’s most prosperous financial centre Sao Paulo, for Mayara Fonseca modelling is the only things she ever knew. Since the age of 13, when she was discovered by a photographer back home and made a photo series that won her many more contracts, there was no looking back.

Mayara’s journey back home soon ended, as since the age of 16 she started travelling all over the world, from Italy, Germany to Mexico working with coveted brands like Moschino, selected from an array of girls due to her towering height, almost six feet. “The biggest drawback in modelling is that you are far away from home, and I miss my family. The good part is that I became independent from an early age and can cook, clean, learn new things and have travelled almost all over the world and got a chance to see many cities, giving me an exposure of a lifetime. However, my parents are very supportive and have encouraged me to chase my dreams,” she adds.

Language has never been a problem for Mayara, but food often poses an issue, so she sticks to salads, non-fried, and non-spicy cuisine to make sure she eats healthy, even though she is not a regular gym-goer. “Italy and India are quite similar, both are culturally rich and if we talk about safety like a lot of people warned me when I was coming, it is the same in Brazil. My parents used to accompany me everywhere there also. I don’t feel unsafe here at all, in fact, I’ve lived and worked here for three years now,” she adds.

The interesting part is that Mayara never wanted to be a model, in fact, due to her height she was bullied in school, but when she entered modelling it was a chrysalis. “I am close to my older brother who is 27, two years older than me, he has really helped me through some tough times,” she confirms.

The future seems like a blur currently even though Mayara finished high school, she hasn’t gone to university and feels there is no age to get educated. “The focus now is modelling and I’m loving every moment of it. My mom completed her nursing degree in her 40s and now works in a hospital. I too would like to pursue interior designing as working with spaces interests me. The other option is international business as I have been to so many countries for work, it would be fun to know how businesses work,” she concludes.

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