October 11, 2016 Asmita Aggarwal

Success Asana

Arya Bhat is more than just a pretty face as the boy from Kashmir hopes to be a yoga instructor.

By Asmita Aggarwal

From the land of Kashmir best described by a Sufi saint, “if there is any heaven, it is here, it is here”, Arya Bhat is a man to watch out for. Beneath those rippling muscles is a sharp mind that understands the nuances of the modelling world.

After completing his bachelor’s in computers, he decided to give the catwalk a shot by tagging along with a friend for an audition for Punjab Fashion Week, five years ago. “I got selected and then as they proverbially say, there was no looking back,” he adds.


Raised between Jammu and Kashmir, where his father shuttled as a government officer, Arya despite having a degree in computers never wanted to pursue an office job which entailed sitting in front of a laptop from 9 to 6 pm, so he also learnt the art of yoga. “I am a certified yoga instructor and enjoy kick boxing, running and cycling to keep fit,” he adds.

Modelling also gave Arya, the opportunity of a lifetime, to see the world. “There are many good assignments that male models are bagging now with print, campaigns and runway options open to them, but modelling has a shelf life and I know that it can’t be a profession unless you finally aspire for Hindi cinema,” he admits.


Even though Arya dabbled in theatre, he did get a few offers from Bollywood which he is still considering, as he concludes, “Ten years down the line I will be a yoga instructor, that’s what my true calling is.”

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