October 15, 2016 Asmita Aggarwal

Going Green

Mridu and Shruti of Bias narrate a tale of sustainability through effective recycling.

By Asmita Aggarwal

Shruti and Mridu both met when they were studying fashion design in Pune’s SNDT, and became friends for life, but little did they know that they would also become business partners.

Bias, their label was launched in 2014, which finds inspiration in everyday, mundane things and elevates them into wearable ensembles. But beneath the functionality lies something really cool, which is their bid to save the planet, so they recycle and make each garment sustainable. Whether it is recycled wool or polyester, each piece tells a story.


Mridu’s dad was in the Air Force so she grew up all over the country, but she misses Nainital her hometown, so somewhere the different regions influenced her design sensibility. “We named it bias, which means prejudice to show contradictions. It is a word that is perceived in a negative sense, but here we attempt to combine two opposite elements— androgyny with ultra femininity. There are many interesting sides to fashion, but somehow most see only what they wish to, what we do is to make it less glamorous and more relatable. Fashion, after all, is for everyone,” says Mridu.

Their SS’17 line is titled “Unknown Pleasure” is using recycled polyester made out of discarded pet bottles. The surface ornamentation is created out of cotton gauze and they have consciously worked with unbleached cotton, which is not chemically dyed, it also saves water and is rather raw. “Fashion is also a medium of expression; we have based our line on the exploration of the subconscious. In the recesses of our mind we hold memories with incidents we saw or experienced as a child, which have been pushed to the background,” she adds.


With a colour palette of green, cream and black, comfort remains their mainstay with chinos teamed up with tunics and a whole lot of kimonos created from cotton cut offs. Inspired by the likes of the Royal Academy of Arts graduate Martin Margiela, Issey Miyake and Alexander McQueen, the duo hope to narrate a story through ethically sourced yarns and create eco-friendly ensembles.


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