October 9, 2016 Asmita Aggarwal

Booked for Life

From applying for a booking agent’s job in a modelling agency to making it to the runway, Palak paints her journey with the brightest hues

By Asmita Aggarwal

Growing up a dusky girl is not easy in a country which is obsessed with fair skin, maybe that’s why Palak never thought she would ever be selected for the runway. But she was and by sheer fluke when she went looking for a job as a talent manager and was gently convinced to take up modelling. “I wanted to be a booking agent and that’s all I thought I could do, but TFM gave me a chance in front of the camera, rather than behind it,” says Palak.

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After studying English literature from Hansraj College and completing a course in marketing from Amity University, Palak admits that she never got any attention growing up as a dark-skinned girl, so modelling offers came as a pleasant surprise. “I never thought I could work the camera in my favour, but I managed to. The biggest challenge for me as a model is not managing crazy work hours, but staying away from desserts, which can be tough for someone who has a sweet tooth,” she laughs.

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Losing her father a month ago, Palak remembers that he was the only one, who always believed she could be a model. And remembers when she did her first campaign for W where her face was splashed on huge hoardings, he took a picture with the ad in the background and sent it to her. “He was so proud of me, he collected all my pictures wherever they were published (newspapers or magazines). Even though I have a younger brother, I was the apple of his eye,” she confesses.

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Palak for now not interested in films, her aim is to go international and join the ranks of Bhumika Arora and Monica Tomas. But when she isn’t modelling this avid painter (a gene she inherited from her mother), also writes poetry and soon wants to turn entrepreneur. “I am saving up for that day when I can run my own company,” she concludes.

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