October 15, 2016 Asmita Aggarwal

Au Naturel

Mogachea creates new textures in the print-obsessed fashion world, as Goa-based Tania Fadte keeps it simple

By Asmita Aggarwal

Mogachea when translated from Konkani means ‘beloved’ and that’s exactly the kind of kinship that Tania Fadte, feels with her newly launched line. Growing up in the village of Moira (North Goa) to a farmer father with three sisters, Tania left to make a life in Mumbai for eight years where she worked as a stylist with leading magazines and then took the tough decision to return home.

“Mumbai is a bit too loud for me, I like the simple life back home. I studied Fine Arts from the Goa College of Art and never really put it to use,” she confesses. Having a baby also changed her perspective to life, she wanted things slower and decided to make pieces which had a bit of soul in them. Hand-dyed, all organically minus any chemicals with a little help from Mr Bosco, the man, who is able to add colour without compromising on the environment, along with woven wonders, Tania keeps everything basic and all natural. “It is just two tailors and me and it is so fulfilling to be able to create these pieces, it’s almost like a labour of love,” she smiles.



SS’17 displays her love for polka dots so you can see them almost everywhere, and this has been teamed up with block printing. Even though Mogachea is coming out of Goa it is not a resort line, it is quite urban in its appeal. “I am working with weavers in Secunderabad who are giving me the most fabulous engineered malka, a mix of khadi and mul-mul along with organic cotton. Styling is helping me put the whole look together so I know exactly what will work and how,” she concludes.


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