July 24, 2016 Asmita Aggarwal

Fragrant Memory

The density of the colours, and the smell of a fresh garden of roses came alive with Varun Bahl straying from convention by reinventing the kurti as he reassembles European architecture through potent and distinctly white imagery.

By Asmita Aggarwal

Orchids, pink roses and a hedge brimming with floral infusions formed the backdrop of Varun Bahl’s ICW 2016 line. The palette was all white with pearl trimmings and heady tassels as powder blue jackets rubbed shoulders with watercolour roses and antique vases with just a squeeze of gold dust on printed lehengas.


“My steady inspiration has been flowers, this time it comes with a vintage feel, but yet it is modern with Baroque influences,” says Varun. The styling remained hybrid with a play on the high-low for kurtas as delicate threadwork created a rose garden with hand woven silk used to give it an undeniable sheen.


With the wave of individualism sweeping brides, they are not just discerning, but are also seeking portraits of fantasy with a mix of traditional techniques in a contemporary milieu. “We kept the silhouette linear, so kurtis are longer, they don’t stop at the waist. The blouses have become tops and the colours remain very Marie Antoinette, inspired by the architecture of European palaces,” he concludes.



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