August 1, 2015 Tanya Banon

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Kolkata boy ‘Debarun’ known for his expertise in textile design debuts at Amazon India Couture week. He is the newest couturier on the block.

When it comes to fashion you believe in the classical school of thought. Describe Debarun’s fashion sensibility.

I have an extremely puritan approach to design because I love traditional and classic fabrics. Intricately woven textiles are indigenous to India’s rich heritage, as artisans across the country have skill and knowledge in craftsmanship that has been handed down over generations.

A Sketch for Amazon India Couture Week by Debarun Mukherji (2)

Does classical heritage play a big role in your design philosophy.

It most certainly does as it reflects the place I have come from. I don’t want to sound immodest but I believe I am one of the pioneers of textile design and hand woven classical fabrics.I have spent a lot of my time focusing on embroidery and it is my forte. I like to use technique and have an in-house set up of craftsman who specialise in embroidery like appliqué, aari and zardozi work.

You have  associated with some of the leading textile design studios in London, Paris and Milan. How do they differ from Indian design studios?

Hard work and commitment are the same all over the world. International studios are more streamlined as the industries have had a lot more time to evolve. However the quality produced out of Indian studios remains unmatched.

A Sketch for Amazon India Couture Week by Debarun Mukherji 2

Tell us about your collection which is pegged to be a modern interpretation of Bollywood fashion.

This collection is inspired by costumes seen in the movies over decades, but I have reinterpreted each era with my own signature twist. There is something unique and different for every decade starting from the 40s to contemporary times.

A Sketch for Amazon India Couture Week by Debarun Mukherji 3

Besides Bollywood glamour you also have celebrities on the runway. Wo can we expect to see.

Well I guess it won’t be a surprise for too long now so I may as well tell you, the lovely Aditi Rao Hydari will open the show, while Chitrangadha Singh will be the showsstopper. Both women are beautiful and carry their ensembles like a dream. Aditi will be seen in the black and white era while Chitrangada will wear an off-white and maroon lehenga from the modern bridal line.


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