August 2, 2015 Tanya Banon

Passion for Fashion

Her love for her work shines through as designer Reynu Taandon gives us an insight to her couture 2015 collection.

SHAHBANU Couture Week collection by Designer Reynu Taandon @ India Couture Week in association with SUNAR    (3)

  1. Your love for fashion has translated into a professional label, tell us briefly how this came about.

Twenty years ago fashion was the only love of my life, slowly, I decided to give it credence and take it seriously. I encouraged myself to create garments as a lot of people started appreciating my clothes. I love to express my spirit and energy through my work.

  1. You indulge in colour and embellishments, what is the hallmark of your design ethos?

My design sensibility focuses on thread work. Designing a garment starts from colours and ends with thread embellishments. The USP of my brand is the juxtaposition of Indian thread work with Western silhouettes, I believe my clothes are renowned worldwide.

  1. You experiment with drapes and construction, what style are you partial to?

I am partial to traditional and classic garments and despite my creativity I stick to this style. There are many combinations and designs that one can play with while staying within the traditional framework. I derive my inspiration from Indian artwork and use various elements of threadwork, Swarovski and hand embroideries etc.

  1. Tell us about your collection inspired by the sartorial splendour of Persia

The collection is Shahbanu  means The Lady Shah in Persian. It is a series of period creations, each with its own story and silhouettes include shararas, anarkalis and lehengas. Intricate gold embellishments add to the magnificence of each of the garment. The fabrics range from lightweight georgette to rich velvet. The collection relies heavily on zardozi, gold embroidery combined with understated yet luxurious mirror work.

  1. The mystery that surrounds thepurdahis the theme of your collection, how did you explore this?

The design inspiration is the Mughal era which includes ancient Persian artwork as well. The fabrics and the mirror work are inspired from Persian architecture, golden embellishments and Persian cuts.

  1. The fashion industry is changing rapidly, what are your strategic plans for the future?

I focus on the elegance of a garment which oozes femininity and sensuality. I aspire to make Indian fashion more popular and affordable.

  1. Is Bollywood glamour a must to create buzz in the fashion space nowadays?

I feel it’s good to have a familiar face in the fashion space nowadays as Bollywood is a big influencer. There is a strong connection between Bollywood and the fashion industry. I have Richa Chaddha and Mugdha Godhse attending my show.

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