August 14, 2015 Tanya Banon

Hair and Beauty trends

Clothes are just half the story, every season ushers in a fresh set of beauty trends to keep one in vogue. Hair and make up play key roles in making one stylish. Not only is it fun to play mix and match, but simple sweeps of a brush can do wonders and result in dramatic makeovers. Our MAC team of experts worked behind the scenes at AICW creating looks that were not only up to date with international trends but also forecast what will run strong through 2016. These hair and make up trends hot off the catwalk are sure to make heads turn.

All grown up

Gone are the days of loose tresses and barely visible girl-next-door makeup. This season it’s all grown up and so the centre parting is back in vogue when it comes to hair trends.  Minimal coverage is belied with  bronzed cheeks and dark lips to complete a strong look.


Up town girl

Groomed to perfection day or night is a look sported amongst up town girls who have time to perfect every little inch of their face and every strand of hair. They do not miss a spot- perfect skin, lightly flushed cheeks and every strand in place create the rich-girl look.


More Mascara

No more bare lashes, it’s back to days of good old glamour with long false lashes lathered up with layers and layers of mascara. Get set to bat them peepers.


Drama on top

It’s the return of the up-do in every avatar- chic chignons, French twists and knots, perfectly done up buns and trendy top knots are the way to go. Jewelled hair accessories and fascinators have an added affect.


Glossy affair

While strong dark hues have been the preference when it comes to lipsticks, gloss reruns in a big way. High shine and good old lip gloss are a welcome change after the colour overload.


Why wine

Red lips just got ousted by deeper-richer hues of wine, maroon and purples. Rich berry hues replace the pop colour to make a classic statement.


The new smoky eye

Metallic tones of copper, bronze and gold replace black smoky eyes. Shimmery metallic teamed with a tan tone make for a relaxed less dramatic look. International favourites this season feature sheer gold with shimmer, metallic on the lower lash line, a subtle sparkle on shadow or a wash of bronze.


Gothic glam

Sleek pulled back hair, kohl rimmed eyes, sculpted brows, lower liner and fat lashes results in a grunge meets glamour girl look.

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