August 4, 2015 Tanya Banon

The Grand Finale

Manish Malhotra’s show Couture Soiree was a befitting finale to a week of stylish haute couture and high fashion at Amazon India Couture Week.

The offsite show at the Leela Hotel featured an extravagant set decked with flower arrangements. Soft lighting and mellow music played in the background as models took the runway in voluminous gowns, lehengas and billowing skirts. The designer showed to a packed audience featuring celebrities and popular front row fashionistas from both Delhi and Bombay.

The Grand Finale marks the launch of the ‘Manish Malhotra London’ label, his newly launched Limited Edition pieces for his store in London and a Men’s Wear capsule collection to be retailed at his soon to be launched stand alone store men’s wear store in Delhi. The Empress Story is a tribute to Indian craftsmanship on Western silhouettes.

Taking about the collection the designer states, “it is a special collection as it not only ends the beautiful decade that was, but also represents the beginning of a new phase for the brand. It captures the excitement and thrill of taking the next step, while taking pride in its foundations. With ‘The Empress Story’ I return to my love for timeless aesthetics and structure along with fine craftsmanship that has taken months to translate onto fabric. All the elements in the collection do speak a common, universal language of elegance and élan. Much like the power of femininity, these will never go out of style.” Actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was the showstopper for the evening. Top trends from the designers collection featured in our list are-

 1. Voluminous gown-like silhouette with daringly low cut necklines in simmering metallic tones


2. Exquisite silk ball gowns with the peacock motif


3. Three-dimensional embroidery, mushroom-flower and bird motifs in delicate thread work


4. Deep colour tones or red and wine


5. The Men’s Collection replete with structured jackets, trench coats and waist coats


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