March 29, 2015 Asmita Aggarwal

The Doors

Riders on the storm, a classic by Jim Morrison finds a place of pride in Pia Pauro’s repertoire; Ruchika Sachdev’s Bodice woos straight-forwardness, a rare fashion need, and Nikhita’s evening outing is soaked in blushing glam

By Asmita Aggarwal

Pia Pauro’s interesting prints have come a long way from the time she ran her two fashion boutiques Naughty Geisha and Rock-a-bella; eventually launching her label in 2012, she knew that dressing the resort bride would be her ultimate goal. So, Pia, in her characteristic style will incorporate elements from her travels all over the world to blend together with Indian embroidery techniques creating easy-breezy kaftans, ponchos and jumpsuits.


This aut-winter 2015, she courted the 70s vibe with fringed hems on her sundresses, which came with momentous feathered headgears, but she didn’t abandon the colourful appliquéd horses that galloped all over her saris. The peek-a-boo sleeves were natty and so were the electric blue splashes with Navajo inspired folk art, and its distinct flavour.

This mix of colours comes from her interning with Topshop to Perry Ellis and Nicole Farhi and her belief that , “the brand must be a happy one which mirrors life of the beach, something that I myself do half of the year”.

The fourth day at Amazon India Fashion Week, saw young designers taking the lead with Nikhita Tandon introducing evening resplendence with a play of sheer, high waists and thigh high slit, body hugging gowns. The exposed midriffs and 70s flared trousers as well as red cutwork peplum tops were an ode to a generous splash of sensuality as Nikhita kept the silhouettes cut close to the body.


On the contrast was Ruchika Sachdev’s straw mat ramp, a refreshing detour from the extravagance that fashion woos, and her clothes reflected this austerity. The white middle pleated skirts, roomy palazzos with interesting pocket placements, muddy brown skirts and three-toned layering in varying lengths, give you the option of ironing free, clothes.

What won hearts were the batik polka dots on cropped pants (teamed up with school girl rucksacks), riding way up from the ankle and the engaging white stripes on solid colours that seemed to sublimely meander.  Modesty is the key this season, with designers abandoning embellishments and pursuing gravity.


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