July 17, 2014 Asmita Aggarwal

Sagacious Separates

Mumbai-based Monisha Jaising hopes to dress ‘travelling brides’ in the colours of freedom

By Asmita Aggarwal

Monisha Jaising - World Bride Collection 2

She is the queen of bohemian luxe that’s why she is known to have been, the torch-bearer of simplicity which is quickly seeing a burial in the fashion hemisphere with an avalanche of embellished gowns marching into the wardrobes of brides-to-be. But Mumbai-based Monisha Jaising, who will be showing at ICW 2014 and is known to be the kurti catalyst, tells you that unassuming will always go with the over-the-top, even though it may sound like an oxymoron. “Simplicity will never be uncomplicated anymore as tastes have evolved along with unrestrained buying power. The vehement change that I see in women is that they desire to look fabulous at any age whether they are 25 or 50 years old. This makes a designers job so much easier,” she says.

Clear about the robust choices Monisha makes, which has helped her survive the onslaught of time and a sea of invading designers, who have come and disappeared not being able to keep up with the market forces, since she began in 1990 after studying at the American College of Applied Arts, US. She found that separates were the way forward. She may do a bridal line, which will tell you what to wear with what, but she does keep the door open for mix and match. “A bride has to discover her own personal style making her, her own stylist. So I may put together a look for my show, but it can be altered according to individual selection,” she smiles.

Monisha Jaising - World Bride CollectionCreating a place for herself when she was one of the few, who started when design was not recognised as a cognisant field of work, the challenge was to, every season, add something so attractive that the customer will abandon his ‘ladies tailor’ and opt for your sculpted silhouettes. In an industry where image is now increasingly becoming more important than content, Monisha has never steered away from the fact that consistency in design is the hallmark of an effective product. It is what makes a customer identify with you, creating an intangible bond. That’s why her ICW 2014 line, aptly titled ‘World Bride’ is a continuation of what she showcased last year, destination wedding. “The story we are narrating revolves around a travelling bride, who could be taking her vows anywhere in the world—a church in Vienna; a Mosque in Beirut; a temple in Chennai; so the silhouettes are seasoned and gallant, reflecting an amalgamation of cultures,” she confirms.

This time, you will see a huge textile component with hand-made lace, zardosi, mokaish techniques along with woven fabrics sourced from the East and South. “The idea remains to make a bride feel comfortable, without imposing your ideas on her, which may or may not fit. I always feel that her body language should be such that she can be in sync with what she is aspiring to wear, otherwise even the best outfit will be a misfit,” she concludes.


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