July 19, 2014 Asmita Aggarwal

Through the prism of colour

Manish Arora gives us a heady mix of tradition with an unapologetic quirky edge as his brides court iridescent hues with aplomb!

By Asmita Aggarwal

He will show you a tattoo on his left arm which boldly declares “Ladies Tailor”, but the small man who took the big West by storm, Manish Arora is much more than just that! From the time that he launched is label in 1999, Manish will tell you he has been hurled with the choicest invectives—from being called “unwearable” to “crazy”, which he adds was because, “I had an original voice which nobody back then understood or even attempted to”.

Plus, Arora, somewhat of a maverick, was too busy doing “my own thing to worry about what people thought”.

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But all that has changed, as much water has flown under the bridge, as he says, “the biggest test was to survive in these trying times, which I managed despite no virulent marketing tactics”. And he owes his success to 50% consistency, 25% talent and 25% timing. “If the timing is not right, you can make the most fabulous clothes and it won’t work. It has happened to me, so I speak from experience,” he laughs.

Manish says couture in India is all about brides and in that segment nothing changes much, as you will always havelehengas, shalwar-kameez and saris. And this time, as always it was a riot of colours, as the lights festival from Belgium to the magnificent crowns in their finest revelry, luxe motifs found their way on to Manish’s multi-hued lehengas, which replaced cholis with blouse-like necklines. As veiled models walked at the French Ambassador’s residence, an offsite show, Manish courted iridescence, changing colours in a prism of pure splendour. His offerings were ingeniously tailored and superbly finished, in keeping, with what a new-age bride would desire—something edgy yet traditional with the colours ranging from reds and powder blues.

What stood out in his showing was the leather-rexine mix, with which he crafts his sizzling gold embroidery, which is the first for any style guru and also his jaunty signature.

“I never do personal bride consultations, as I feel I give them colour options; we also fix sizes. They come to me, because they like my sensibility, so if they want it, and like it, they will buy it, whether I meet them or not,” he concludes.

Watch the show here:

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