‘Life is a Circus, it Shouldn’t Be Taken Seriously’

Show directors emerge as new-age architects of a dream called couture.

It was 1995 and Aparna Bahl and her partner Tanya had got a chance of a lifetime; to choreograph a show by the Textile Fair in Faridabad. It was the starting of a journey full of riveting memories and delightful innings. Almost 2,000 shows later choreographers or show directors Appu-Tanya feel as if it is just the beginning. “I never started out thinking there is money to be made or this is my ticket to fame. I loved doing it and with time we just got better at it,” she admits. Read more

Black & Gold Story

Get set to be wowed by subtle elegance as the PCJ Delhi Couture Week décor exudes timeless sophistication

When set designer and décor expert Vikram Sharma started working on the PCJ Delhi Couture Week, he knew it had to be classy, keeping in mind the high fashion it was catering to. And what he did come up with was a fitting theme-black and gold. “We have taken references from fashion, techniques and fabrics that top designers use while designing a collection and incorporated them in our theme. Like the ruching that they use in gowns or the extensive play of fabrics like silk jacquards and velvet is all effectively woven in the decor,” he explains. Read more

Fashion Design Council of India