Manish’s La Vie Boheme

Magnificent open to dome set, the longest ramp at WIFW, with glossy reflective surface, Sonam Kapoor looking smashing in a sari along with Neha Dhupia, it was a starry night to remember as Manish Arora took the catwalk by storm. Larry Harvey began the Burning Man project in 1986 as a way of self-expression in San Francisco in many ways it was radical, as a wooden effigy is burnt to symbolize a fight against society to allow freethinking in art. Inspired by this radical philosophy, Manish sent down hot pink bags and belts that cinched waists, peplum dresses and little golden hearts on blouses, as well as printed clouds which took you on a trip to the Arora wonderland. Read more

All for the Love of Simplicity

You could see her eyes wet with tears when her talented daughter was handed over a cheque by Vogue, and celebrated for design excellence. Like all mothers, for Aneeth Arora’s simple mom, it was a proud moment. “Yes, my parents are very sentimental, if anyone praises me, my mom breaks down,” says Aneeth. Read more

Rina Revisits Her Past, While Sonam Celebrates His Roots

Sometimes the simplest looking things are actually most complicated, but if you look closely the treasure box of secrets are revealed. So when Rina Dhaka’s bandage dresses teamed up with Pashmina emerged along with graphics and dupion, as well as ikats, it was the play of delicate paisleys that made a strong impact. Read more

Caterpillar to Butterfly

There are three reasons why you will walk away from Rahul Mishra’s show pleasantly pleased—-he immediately gives credit to his wife for his success, tells you that he has abandoned his ‘safety net’ of textiles, and introduces you to the next big thing; caterpillar sleeves. “I was fascinated by the way the caterpillar moves so I incorporated that in my line, through the medium of sleeves on my jackets. If you observe, even the sleeves which start from the upper shoulder move like the caterpillar on your arms,” he smiles. Read more

Going Organic

Urvashi Kaur keeps it au naturale, while Annaikka plays with bold colours; Nida expresses her love for the weave tant; Malini exudes oomph; Gauri & Nainika display cascading beauties while Paras and Shalini add a pop of colour through their bright pumps and earrings. Read more

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