October 18, 2020 Asmita Aggarwal

Sharp ‘Suiters’

The tagline this season for Vikram Bajaj is— fashion needs flag bearers to spread hope and walk out there, with their masks on, as dandy as ever

By Asmita Aggarwal

He has grown up watching and learning from the legendary Ravi Bajaj, carrying forward the legacy, Vikram Bajaj, gave this a modern twist with his brand, which is big on sport couture. It attempts to offer the best of craftsmanship and fabrics (both luxe and sport) along with superior comfort and functionality, promising to keep you stylish, wherever you are.

This season, Vikram’s graphics, prints and embroideries in the collection are based on a set of things —–The VB skull holding a flower, the Mandala and coffee stains coming together to form a camouflage; the asterisk is redesigned stating the idea- conditions don’t apply. “This reflects the beauty in chaos which is raw, strong and meaningful in this phase of life. These elements are seen individually as well as cohesively,” she says.

The beauty of the line is based on the patterns which are 3D crafted around the body. This gives a new outlook of seeing something even, such as the new-age suit or the bandhgala, which can also be worn as a three-button jacket. “This is a result of collective brainstorming and the time to think upon and question everything, it led to creating new silhouettes and design language,” he says.

The collection titled “Conditions Counterplay”, which translates to conditions don’t apply, in order to rebel, is replete with bright yet powerful hues. The palette ranges from shades of kapok green and soft khaki to illusion blue with hints of lemon drop, fuchsia and urban orange.

“We give keen attention to details, the label is engineered towards a perfectly flattering appearance with handsomely tailored cuts. The entire range showcases a remarkably unique ensemble of chic occasion/street wear in immaculate designs. The shoes have been custom-made and hand painted for that raw rebel bad boy appeal,” he admits.

Even though the customer has changed, especially for us, a country that rests on celebrations and festivals, because of lack of occasions, the line is extremely focused. Through his ultra modern prints and patterns, Vikram hopes to bring joy with his gender neutral and anti-fit options. “We are trying to sustain and look forward to a better, positive world. In which one has the need to buy new products. This will happen alongside the rise of the economy and ending of the pandemic. We are trying to keep all staff members even on a reduced salary and less work hours. Going online has been the way to go and multi-designer stores are doing better than stand-alone ones. Now we know the importance of making conscious, concentrated collections,” he concludes.

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