October 16, 2020 Asmita Aggarwal

Redefining Glam

Neeta Lulla celebrates the spirit of modern women by offering, a luxe life code

By Asmita Aggarwal

Challenges are meant for us to emerge stronger. As we come to terms with the transient nature of experiences, compounded with the uncertainty that surrounds, Neeta Lulla is inspired by the world beyond, the starlit symphony of the universe. The endless possibilities are mirrored in the internal universe of every woman, this diffusion range is dedicated to the indomitable spirit of women.

“Fashion is the epitome of individual expression. As we saw bewilderment and despair; we felt the need to translate it to a range that reflects hope and prowess. With the Covid-induced lockdowns, we came across increasing cases of domestic violence and women abuse. Yet, we meant to show the vast expanse of emotive excellence and immense capability that a woman nurtures. The neatly draped gowns emphasise the feminine form, along with expressing her confidence and strength,” says Lulla.

Fashion has always been intertwined with the world happenings and culture of the era. It’s a symbiotic relationship of mutual inference and impact. “Our designs need to communicate a joyous vibe, and bring about a sense of happiness; not just to the wearer, but to every artisan involved in the making process. Our attempt has been to portray this aspect of sustainable coexistence at every level,” she adds.

As the world shifted from retail stores to online mediums, they have retained the personal touch and involvement with the consumer, by engaging with them in every step of their purchase right up to styling tips for their event. “We took forward our signature sari gowns and draperies to offer comfortable and feathery, light ensembles. This enables the wearer to revel in their festivities without any hassles of a heavy garment. The fabrics have our sparkling touch, with being tactile and lightweight. Each of our pieces exudes the feminine charisma and power,” she says.

The customer’s needs have changed and we’re keeping pace by offering outfits with diverse usage at different events. With the belted overwrap gown, Lulla experimented with multiple looks of the same outfit, which can be styled as per the occasion. Reusability has become the buzzword at this time, and she meticulously incorporated this aspect in the range.

“Every story must have a happy ending”, is her philosophy amidst these trying times. Even with the looming cash-crunch and volatility, she tried to keep the workforce together; albeit with reduced payments. A large number of craftsmen have gone back to their hometowns, and she is inviting them back, as she sees markets recovering.

Digitalisation is surely the way forward, with newer arenas and clientele. In the past, she has created digital fashion films like ‘The Neeta Lulla Bride’, which were well-received by an international audience, and awarded by the London Film festival. A physical show has in part been replaced by the sense of excitement; when you’re not seeing the audiences, yet looking forward to knowing the reception of the collection. “I’m was looking forward to the first-ever phygital edition of LIFW SS’21, as we step back slowly and steadily into our new normal, such an initiative by FDCI, is surely a joyful experience and keeping the show on,” she adds.

As an industry, it’s very important to have some contingency reserve, in terms of resources and creativity; to tide over crises of such magnitude, she says. It all starts with strengthening the bottom of the pyramid, the weavers, artisans and the karigars. “We have made an honest effort to support all those connected with us. So, it’s time for us to start valuing those classes of workforce, who serve as the foundation of the Indian fashion industry. Let’s make Indian, let’s sell Indian,” she concludes.

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