October 16, 2020 Asmita Aggarwal

On the Surface

Gayatri Khanna’s believes sparkle adds a ray of light, as her vibrant lounge wear uplifts wilted spirits

By Asmita Aggarwal

What happens when we take our current circumstances and turn it into newer opportunities to create something even more beautiful and versatile? You get a line that announces— “A little bit of sparkle makes everything better”.

Thus, Gayatri Khanna’s label Gaya offers  loungewear, which consists of two collections —- Palm Leaf and Loungy Denims. “When we were under lockdown, we saw the air purifying, flowers blooming, animals and birds coming out of their hiding reminding us of the beauty of nature in living harmoniously and mindfully. We wanted to present this new and beautiful earth to everyone as a reminder that we must preserve it for the well-being of all its habitants. We are resilient and together, we can turn any adversity into an opportunity. Through our collection we want to spread the much needed positivity, happy, cozy vibes with a dash of glamour,” she confesses.

She further quotes Michael Kors, “Fashion is probably one of the quickest mood-changers. We put something on and we feel like a new person!” What fashion needs right now is to be more mindful about using the resources and reducing its carbon footprint on the environment. The fashion supply chain must be more transparent and engage the global customer.  To make timeless pieces in superior quality that are made to last longer, the ones that create a bond with the customers unlike fast-fashion.

“Through our fashion film, we have depicted the new earth through our prints and embroideries against picturesque settings. Our versatile loungewear line, apt for the current lifestyle, whether it is working from home or spending leisurely time, has something for everyone with its global appeal, irrespective of nationality, race, colour or culture,” she explains.

Fashion is all about change and adapting to the new times. E-commerce was already booming even before the pandemic. With the right use of resources, a lot of research and development, she first launched Gaya only on e-commerce platforms considering the lockdown during the pandemic and the customers only using online platforms to shop. Digitization has made the world a smaller place and has only made access to the global markets easier. Social media is a great platform to keep consumer engagement. “We created a community of Gaya shoppers #CitizensofGAYA to keep them updated with the happenings in the World of Gaya – whether it is our products, our transparent and sustainable supply chain, our inspirations and moodboards, our stories and more. It not only gives them a sense of oneness with the brand but they are also a part of our growth journey,” she adds.

The customer has definitely changed during the pandemic and so has their buying pattern. They are more mindful of their purchase in terms of the price, quality, versatility, and whether the product is ethically sourced or not.  They have a lot of choice available to them and the only way to build their loyalty is by providing exclusive designs at superior quality through a sustainable supply chain which is what the label has to offer. “We have a range of designer masks both printed and embellished in comfortable breathable fabrics and adjustable ear straps, to not only keep you safe, but also stylish. The styles are versatile and can effortlessly transform from day wear to the ones for after-hours with friends and family,” she explains.

Now fashion has to be a sensible mix of functionality and fantasy. It helps us escape the mundane or the harsh reality sometimes, helps us express ourselves and the way we are feeling on other occasions or boost our mood and confidence at other times. Digitalization is definitely the way forward. It has opened new doors to newer audiences and newer markets. Digitalisation gives a creative freedom to portray garments like a story through the video that can be viewed by a wider audience, the world is your runway! “The strategy is to reinvent and adapt to changing situations with the help of technology. Now is the time to create timeless, high quality products that are made to last longer. Support home-grown brands,” she adds.

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