October 17, 2020 Asmita Aggarwal

Lustrous Compositions


Studio Virtues infuses life into ensembles with the endearing allure of Mashru

By Asmita Aggarwal

The predominant feature of any truly Indian brand will definitely include rich Indian textiles. And for the team at Virtues, Ashish, Viral and Vikrant, this year is no different, with the beautiful Mashru fabric from Gujarat back in the spotlight. “The beautiful lines and stripes woven on those typical looms in bold, bright colours have always stayed close to our heart. Considering the ongoing fear of the pandemic this collection brings fun, colour, volume, layers and textures on a monochrome palette of subtle textures in Chanderi fabrics,” says Vikrant.

Through the last few months everyone has survived indefinite greys of hope, fear, uncertainty, lockdown and loneliness due to the pandemic. Thus, this collection is an effort to step out of the despondency and accentuate the definite —- either white or black. “The monochromatic canvas is accentuated with endearing details in vibrant thread work, prints, mirrors, and crystals,” he adds.


The unanimous contention is that fashion needs to boost hope and once again instil ‘life’ in us. It needs to bring positivity and colour to lighten the spirits of people trying to come out of the fear and helplessness.  “With this film, we explore the mysterious land of colourful bright skies far away from this world. It’s a time travel to a strange world where the land is black or white and the skies are painted with bold bright stripes emerging from the Mashru fabric,” he adds.

With changing times, the concept this year was to focus on destination weddings and planned resort outings, which are expected to start in the next few months. The garments Virtues offers are essentially subtle and light-weight soaked in versatility, with the ability to change moods by adding jackets and robes over easy silhouettes. The medium of expression has changed from reality to virtual reality, so focus was also given to accentuating the overall mood, add a fun element.

Mashru, Chanderi, Brocades are enlivened with mirror work from Gujarat and colourful beads, while quilting, pleating and smocking is added to their signature kedias, quilted jackets and robes. “Bold statement neck pieces with a lot of metal and Zardosi have been used in this line along with travel accessories—- scarves, umbrellas, caps, eyewear and clutches, all custom-built, in-house,” says Vikrant.

The customer has definitely become more choosy post lockdown. The occasions are rare. The expectation to create a complete unique look is definitely a priority, he believes. “Every look in the film is complete yet unique with vivacious hues, embroideries and accessories. At every layer, we have attempted to remain true to our classic style, a beautiful melange of textiles, textures, art and accessories,” he explains. The future looks pretty uncertain like everyone on this planet but it has definitely given us a pause, to brainstorm and select the direction we want to travel.

Virtues’ is making many changes in terms of customer orientation, satisfaction and personalization, focusing on functionality, which is now a key element. “New doors of virtual reality have definitely emerged amongst these difficult times, new mediums and new forms of interactions have also sprung up. This is giving us more opportunity to learn new things. We don’t miss physical shows, rather we are more curious about experimenting with new mediums and giving dimensions to our label,” he concludes.


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