October 17, 2020 Asmita Aggarwal

Celebrating Moments

Fashion moves to a happy space where whites, childhood memories and the desire to choose textures over embroidery is gaining steam

By Asmita Aggarwal

The beauty of fashion is that it can hold two poles of the spectrum together, high glamour and heart warming simplicity, On one side there is melancholy being converted into hope, on the other there is an unabashed love for shimmer. And the sentiment that holds true in this time, is to buy Indian and promote indigenous weaves.

That’s why Naturally Anuradha’s offering held so much meaning, a film shot with the background of looms, flute spreading joy, intricate motifs celebrated, muga, eri and pat silk finding place on the proverbial catwalk and of course, a feeling of embracing what is inherently rooted with a organic disposition.

With designers going back into the deep recesses of their psyche, childhood emerged as a deciding factor, and Abhishek Gupta recalled growing up in the holy city of Beneras with an ode to tone-on-tone threadwork. Flowers in the hair, birds flying in the background and the ghats where the unstoppable river Ganges flows, served as the backdrop. Turbaned men in textured sherwanis, made to perfection with brocade lining, soothing, buttery whites and midnight blues, to the sounds of boats rowing, water splashing and finally making way to reach the shores. The twain did meet! Pleating, appliqué and delicate, embroidered flowers blooming on sheer dupattas playing peek-a-boo with keyhole backs, created vistas of purity, as ombre-dyed sleeves and kohl eyes took centre-stage.

The Lotus Make Up India Fashion Week has been one of revelations, as the world grapples with multiple problems, the year 2020 will be remembered for posterity. Out of this chaos, come collections, which look at dressing sensing a cultural shift in not just customer perceptions, but also individual mindsets. That’s why Varun Bahl abandoned OTT embroideries and embellishments and used fabric manipulations in chocolate hues to drive home the point that easy, away from the body silhouettes will always be welcomed in this new era.  Golden bustiers worn under a white tie up wraps, monochromatic saris, wispy, tiered sleeves made each moment of solitude a celebration for a happier future.


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