March 27, 2020 Asmita Aggarwal

The Other Eden

From a village where girls aren’t educated to making it to the spotlight, Nisha Yadav is a story waiting to be told.

By Asmita Aggarwal

No one would have even heard of Shuklawas, Rajasthan, a tiny hamlet tucked away unlike its more popular magnificent havelis, but maybe one-day people might associate it with Nisha Yadav, who made it to the list of new faces this year. Born to a farmer-turned-activist, who had to support five children with a meagre income, Nisha remembers a tough childhood where new clothes were a novelty and hand-me-downs, a norm.

“I think I was in class 11 when I got my first new salwar-suit, and we never had electricity at home, no roads, and I used to walk almost 2 km daily to study in a government school which was only till class 10. After that for high school, I used to walk 8-10 km to a nearby village to study walking amidst mustard fields. In the winter, due to the dew, we would get so wet by the time we reached school that we would return home with a terrible cough and cold,” she remembers.

The beauty of fashion is now it is no longer a reserve of the rich and famous and in the true sense of the word is really inclusive, as it is embracing women of all backgrounds. “I am really tall and we had absolutely no exposure to style of any kind, and my family never supported me in my endeavours of making it to the catwalk, in fact, they resisted it constantly,” she adds.

In fact, they wanted her to be a judge or clear the UPSC, so she studied economics and did her bachelor’s in computer application from Jaipur w