October 13, 2019 Asmita Aggarwal

Botany of Desire

For 17-year-old first-time model Elix Chaudhary, growing up in Himachal Pradesh, nature served a metaphor of life, teaching her the virtues of continuity, dedication and discipline

You come from a small town, what exposure did you have to fashion?

I was born and raised in a small village Dadour, district Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. I was doing my diploma in civil engineering and this year I dropped my final year, to pursue modelling. Because from where I belong there is no scope for modelling and I aspire to be a supermodel. And to pursue my dream, I took a big risk, though I’m pursuing my education from IGNOU and have begun my graduation first year. I think to be a good model, as I have no exposure and I am still learning, one must always remember that there is not one person, but a whole team connected with modelling. You are a sum total of efforts of so many people, and you have to represent their hard work—choreographers, designers, hairstylists, stage directors et al.

Tell us about how you view life, who are your mentors?

I believe in destiny and I have faith, whatever happens, is for the best. Life is like a cricket ball, God is our bowler and we are batsman. We can hit a four, six or get out, it depends on us, how we play the game. I am only 17-years-old and my mother is a teacher, I come from humble beginnings. My parents do support me a lot in my career they always tell me to do my best. But I was not a good student academically, all I wished for while growing up is that I should not have to open a book. My inspiration is my grandparents because they live a disciplined life and they tell me this is the mantra for staying fit mentally and emotionally.


FDCI has this year done inclusive model auditions, what are your views on this?

Like a garden with a different variety of flowers look very beautiful and gives a fresh feel, same way in modelling diverse faces add chutzpah. Inclusivity and diversity is the key to the future. The problem with mankind is that we are moving away from nature which is the biggest teacher. I belong to Himachal Pradesh so I enjoy the wilderness.  The mountains tell me how to have confidence and achieve my goals and dreams, and that no matter what hurdle arises, remain determined. From rivers, I learned to work continuously, be dedicated, and pure. The streams taught me how to find happiness in small things and to work gracefully while the trees laden with fruits tell me whenever we achieve something big, we should get more polite and humble. When I walk on my terrace I always used to see birds flying in the sky, but the eagle was different from them, it would fly high above the clouds. What I learned from her is that if you want to make it big, train yourself to be strong and powerful.

You have a special relationship with your mother who has also helped you in tough times…

My mom is the best mentor I ever had in my life. She taught me the value of working hard and if we have to achieve something we have to work for it daily. She always woke me up 4:00 am and never said, ‘Good Morning’, but the first words she spoke were, “rise and shine and never give up on your goal”.

How important is fitness for you?

I exercise two times a day, morning and evening. It is very important to be fit because you can beat stress easily. I do various exercises that range from walking, running, skipping, cardio, zumba, dance (bhangra, Western and Bollywood), but stretches are a must before and after a workout.

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