March 15, 2019 Asmita Aggarwal

Fresh from the Runway

From a mysterious smoky eye and graceful braids at Vaishali’s showcase, to Rahul Mishra’s eclectic burst of colour and glittering tear ducts, each look at LMIFWAW19 was paired with stand out hair and make up looks, that added to the magic of the show.

LivaEco Show –

Four leading designers came together to take huge step towards a sustainable future, and this called for a stand out look that would compliment four completely different design languages. So, it was apt that the classic, and unquestionable red lipstick emerged on the runway, to celebrate the beginning of LMIFWAW19. A clean and sleek ponytail intertwined neatly with soft muted lips, a sculpted face and darkened eyebrows.


PC : Diya Mathur

Amita Gupta –

Amita Gupta’s collection was a celebration of contrasts as she designed for the woman with a gentle heart and a tough exterior. Models stormed the runway in braided buns that were parted from the center, with the finishing touch of metallic silver bands that perfectly complemented the collections sheen factor. Make up included black kohl, smudged on the eyelid with a touch of bronzer and brown lips.


PC : Diya Mathur

Pallavi Singh –

Arcvsh by Pallavi Singh was homage to the resilience of natural beauty despite the traumatic influences of mankind. Perfectly in sync with this celebration of purity was the hair and make up  — an untouched look, with enhanced brows and braided hair. The element of industrial influences was reflected in the bold black kohl applied precisely on the top lid, with a touch of white kajal on the lower lid.


PC : Diya Mathur

Diksha Khanna –

Adding to the mystical element of Khanna’s tribute to the souks and deserts of Oman, was the sultry make up that complemented the exquisite collection. Darkened eyelids were paired with perfect contouring and highlighting that sculpted the face and created a chiseled look. A gold sheen from the bronzer added an element of depth, while adding to the magic of Khanna’s showcase. An elegant and sleek low bun added a sense of subtle glamour.


PC : Diya Mathur

Pratima Pandey –

The collections delicate silhouettes and floral embroideries were complemented with two plaits, which started with a French braid at the crown of the head, parted precisely from the center. The ‘less is more’ philosophy seen in every garment of the collection transcended to the make up, that constituted of nothing but dewy skin, soft muted lips and lengthy eyelashes.


PC : Diya Mathur

Vaishali S.

Vaishali’s simplistic yet powerful design ideology was complemented with delicately teased braids, which were reminiscent of simpler times. An extension of this celebration of the past was the make up that featured softly smeared kajal on the bottom lid – a classic and timeless look, which has survived the test of time and been passed on over generations.


PC : Diya Mathur

Suket Dhir

Complementing the blend of quirk and structure of this collection were pony tails – some sleek and parted on the side while others were held high on the centre of the head, exposing natural curls and waves. Some flaunted their natural hair, with a touch of product that gave their mane a wet look. In sync with this effortlessly chic look was the make-up – luminous skin, flush of colour on the high points of the cheeks, finished with a nude lipcolour.

sukit djir

PC : Diya Mathur

Rahul Mishra

Adding to the electricity of Rahul Mishra’s show was the make up — a celebration of colour, texture and lines. A multilayered eyeliner look was a contemporary take on the classic cat eye — electric blue offset on a bright pink base. Pink seemed to be the need of the hour, as the nails and lips were dabbed on with a berry shade, meanwhile a subtle blush and heavy bronzer added depth to the look. The stand out element however, was a silver shine applied on the ducts, that extended into white kohl in the lower lash line. This rather complex, but effective look was paired with a sleek ponytail, with slivers of hair going against the face in sharp thin lines.


PC : Diya Mathur











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