October 11, 2018 Asmita Aggarwal

The silent world

With environmental degradation, plastics reaching Antarctica, Aneeth goes back to simpler times giving us a moving picture of underwater life as her show comes as a breath of fresh air both literally and metaphorically!

By Asmita Aggarwal

Chilled coconut water, fresh air, blue skies, real flora and fauna, gravelled pathways, live, energising music crooned by a motley crew, FDCI President Sunil Sethi in a straw hat and linen suit, it had to be summer!

Spring was easy minus any fluorescence, and Aneeth Arora decided it was time for a picnic, she even chose the appropriate spot Aqua, The Park complete with a pond with floating lotus and picnic baskets that came armed with sunscreen and sugary coconut crisps. The bright blue benches and floral brooches, took us back to simpler times, a recurring metaphor in the Udaipur born designer’s life.

Whether it was the food, fish or little flowers everything Pero does is hand finished to perfection, much like her collaboration with Carlo Urgese (Italy), who made coral headgear out of crafting paper or the upcycled flip flops that were made prettier with sequins and ribbons.

In a world which is  obsessed with celebrity culture, red carpet looks, airport divas, Aneeth stays true to her aesthetic—quiet work, minus any fuss and relevant clothes as every show has her craftsmen, a swarm of ladies, seen cheering for their designer. As little hearts, a Pero constant, swam everywhere in her line, it was the water reed baskets made in Manipur, revved up with beads and fringes which made a subtle impactful accompaniment to her otherwise languid line.

Whether it is lollipops (Papbubble with 100 per hand-made), cloth diaries, pink candy, Pero dolls, dancing brooches, Aneeth is a believer in small things, that sometimes escape the eye, but remain etched in your memory. Underwater was Aneeth’s leitmotif this season, but the five foot tall wonder did it in her unique way—- mixing French knots with Kadhwa weaves of Banaras and stripes, as vintage patchwork was juxtaposed with beads and sequins that lent sparkle albeit in hushed tones. She is the master of oxymorons and makes two disparate themes co-exist almost seamlessly.

The only exaggeration came in big bows, denim jackets along with trench coats that were upcycled and given a snazzy new avatar with flowers blooming all over, and slight rushes of brightness in sunshine yellow waistcoats as Aneeth elevates pajymas, her loyal companions since her first line and layers them giving their muddy brown demeanour a distinct edge.


Once referred to as the queen of shabby chic as crumpling replaces elitist ruffles and washed down hues are celebrated with aplomb her musicians poked fun at the concept of “pretty dolly” evoking the fact that maybe Aneeth’s departure from fetching to saluting intelligence needed to be eulogised with a song!


For a change, she didn’t make a fleeting appearance to take a final bow, Aneeth celebrated in robust Caribbean style, with a happy dance—-the winner does take it all!



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