March 19, 2017 Asmita Aggarwal

Money for nothin’ and chicks for free

Fashion does meet art, and yes, sporty can be sexy!

By Asmita Aggarwal

What happens when you have a live DJ, the heartthrob of millions, Alia Bhatt in a glittering jumpsuit with swaying tassels, a New York Metro station complete with railway tracks and some really fun clothes, that make the twain meet—- a hybrid, making sporty sexy? Well, you could say that Namrata Joshipura is in the ‘house’.


So with sports tees emblazoned with ‘Wild Runner’ on the back, and zari encrusted collars of women’s suits, Namrata recreated the vibrant city of New York in its splendour, complete with the love of charcoal blacks that it is famous for. That’s the cool thing about Namrata, she makes the concept her own, like when she constructed a brocade jumpsuit two years ago, to salute textiles, she combined handlooms with star power and that is her forte.

If there is a sequel to Sex and the City probably Namrata would be a top contender, as her rather short, shorts, numbered jerseys and quilted jackets complete with baseball caps kept the mood upbeat, as Zeenat Aman style flared denim pants with swishing slits didn’t implore the minimalist brigade.


Though it was her fishtail gowns with blazin’ red blooming flowers, that made a hearty statement; autumn really doesn’t need to be either dull or boring.

Sometimes contrasts work, even in life, they say opposites attract, maybe that’s why the layering lover Anju Modi was paired with swimwear gurus Shivan and Narresh. The former was elegant, rooted in Indian-ness, while the latter was blaze, appealing to the energies of the millennials, a demographic which consumes a daily diet of just about everything, without any real commitment!

The kaleidoscope was created using Sona and Rupa (or gold and silver) and Anju’s line, as if paid homage to the midnight sky with ink blues and ash greys. And there were all the things that she loves, from capes, chalky whites and gotta (not-to-forget strong women, this time it was TV star Sakshi Tanwar, whose film Dangal tilted the balance sheets of Bollywood producers, who walked the ramp) that miraculously emerged on her restrained volume-bearing lehengas.


Do we love Anju? Yes, most certainly, did we expect something more? Maybe! But the tone-on-tone was superbly executed, just like her finishing, with not one zari thread out of place, as petite lotuses grew on limpid chanderi duppattas! The foil printing, Needle Dust hand-crafted juttis, gold cage-like bun holders fastened the tresses of models, as the velvet caressed the rather ebullient aubergine, V-neck blouses. There was of course, cleavage, but it was done so subtly that it made you admire the female form, rather than glare.

While at Shivan and Narresh, you could stare…with the bikinis and trikinis inspired by Austrian painter Egon Schiele (earlier they have used Barnett Newman to Russian painter Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky’s paintings), a protégé of Gustav Klimt’s (just like Sigmund Freud had Carl Jung), who defied the set standards of beauty and died young leaving behind just 3,000 drawings.shivaannarreshcol2In the world of fashion, where you are more than often judged by the handbag you carry, this was a bold move and frankly worth applause. Though the duo, maybe selling bathroom chappals for Rs 3,000 at their stores, they do come with a distinct philosophy of intermingling the tenets of style with art and its movements, just like this autumn-winter they revived Expression.

With Egon’s love for erotica what really was discerning was his irregular contours and self nudes, which the duo discovered at the Leopold Museum in Vienna and were mesmerised. Known for their body of work in the burgeoning destination wedding segment, Shivan and Narresh also used the painstaking Skein work, which hand folded all their surface embellishments, whether it was the carnations or the beetles.Untitled-1Though the introduction of the fabric velvetrene, gave the lehengas a bulky look, they also welcomed textiles into their repertoire with brocades. Just what we needed in a world drenched with synthetic fabrics and tighter pockets!

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