July 19, 2016 Asmita Aggarwal

Model Behaviour

Heralding the spirit of the Adriatic coastline and the stunning Balkan country, Ivana, a student of economics does the math in modelling as she walks for the first time at the ICW 2016.

By Asmita Aggarwal

Montenegro-born Ivana Besovic, is not your usual bewildered 20-year-old, who is still fuzzy about life and what it entails, rather she is refreshingly honest and disarmingly beautiful.


At five feet eleven inches, Ivana was spotted by an agent on the streets of Montenegro at the age of 15, but her parents thought she was too young to travel alone and be a model. The same opportunity knocked on her doors again at the age of 18 and as they proverbially say, there was no looking back! She took up her first assignment in Istanbul, Turkey and from there travelled to Milan, Italy where she was taken in by a young and “rather captivating” designer, Erika Cavallini. “I’ve always loved Dior and Balmain, but I liked Erika for her simplicity of design and powerful technique and modelled for her,” says Ivana.

Now 20, and studying in one of the top universities back home, she can relate economics, her chosen subject to modelling. “Both economics and modelling use the available resources for the best outcome,” she laughs. As she tells you, rather candidly, that Brazilian bombshell Gisele Bundchen is whom she admires and also follows on social media, as her final goal, is to maybe “walk for the New York Fashion Week someday”, she adds wistfully.

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Growing up with two sisters, Ivana never thought modelling would be her calling, rather she was more interested in the bulls and bears of the financial market. “Though when I did start modelling, the perks included travelling and meeting new people and making long-lasting friendships; slowly I started enjoying it. I do miss home and family as sometimes I have to stay away for months,” she confides.

Interestingly, modelling is not just about looking pretty for her, it is more about personality, which she also counts as her biggest asset rather than a wasp-thin waist. “God has given all of us something special, which is unique to us. I believe it is being able to exhibit that in the best possible way, is what makes us truly exceptional—whether we are a model or an aeronautical engineer,” she smiles.


With no future planning, Ivana wants to explore the Asian market, and maybe travel to China and Thailand for work in the coming months. “Who knows what the future holds? Maybe I will open my own agency or work in the stock market, as of now I am just living in the moment,” she concludes.

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