July 20, 2016 Asmita Aggarwal

Fashioning a tailor-made future

Dipti Sharma from a small, non-descript town of Rudrapur doesn’t have 70 MM dreams, it’s just the ‘walk’ which satiates her for now!

By Asmita Aggarwal

Dipti Sharma was born and raised in Rudrapur (Uttarakhand), Dipti Sharma studied in Chandigarh, Punjab University from where she completed her graduation in English, this year. But modelling was always the plan, so she initiated the process through contests and “to learn the ropes”.

“I participated in Elite Model Look India 2015. I won it and that’s how the story unfolds. Though I grew up admiring the legendary Gisele Bundchen not just because she is a success story, but also the way she lived her life. She is now a mother and a wife running  her own business. But modelling, I must admit, comes with its challenges and one has to work really hard to get accepted in the industry,” she adds.

With the runway having a shelf life, Dipti was sure that if this hadn’t happened she would working as a travel host or doing something adventurous in Nat Geo or Discovery, two channels she not only watches but also wants to be a part of. “It would ideally be my dream job after modelling. I don’t know where or what I will be doing ten years down the line, but I do know that I will be successful,” she adds.

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Growing up Dipti was part of many beauty pageants like the Campus Princess 2015 and it taught her to achieve what she really wants and work hard towards her goals. “I see so many young girls wanting to be models and my only advice to them is to do what excites them and you will reach the summit only through perseverance,” she smiles.

Walking for the first time at the India Couture Week, Dipti, managed by Anima Creative, believes one has to keep one’s composure in an industry which is dominated by body image, so she keeps herself grounded by listening to stories of people’s struggles and final victory which motivates her constantly. “It doesn’t have to be a celebrity, even ordinary people are fighters in every day life and that’s what makes them special. Many models want to get into Bollywood as they see it as a natural progression. People ask me if I want to, too. But I am born to be a model and I feel acting is not something that interests me. I never thought about it and don’t want to think for now,” she concludes.


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