October 11, 2014 Asmita Aggarwal

Untrammeled Bohemia

As Anupamaa Dayal celebrates her label’s tenth anniversary, she is ready with home furnishing, jewellery and footwear that abandons conventions and bows down to nonchalance

By Asmita Aggarwal

She is known for her sprightly composition of colours, but Anupamaa Dayal is a feminist at heart that’s why her insouciant designs are hoping to set women free. Breaking away from the shackles of conformity, Anu adds an equanimous feel to her bohemian ideology which is why her SS 15 line is titled “Anywhere”. “Anyone, anywhere can wear it from Europe to the Middle East, it kind of breaks geographical boundaries,” she explains.


With all the ‘feel good’ boxes ticked, Anu believes this all-consuming idea of ‘my life begins and ends with how I look” needs to see a distinct change. So she introduced lighter clothes, which won’t take much space in your suitcase and won’t weigh you down. With a slight twist in the colour palette, Anu is courting intensity with shades of mauve, aubergine and violets. There are wraps, kimonos, scarves and of course, her favourite culottes. “My strength lies in prints and we have now introduced home furnishings and accessories (jewellery and footwear),” she adds.


Accessories have a 70s vibe with fringes and a nouveau bohemian edge, while fabric gladiators set the mood for the line. Anu has extensively worked with copper, calling it the colour du jour. And to add to this her Mughal motifs and 3D effects, you have a line which remains uncomplicated yet masterful.


“I cut on a bias which makes women look slimmer, and that’s what they all want, even the really thin ones. As we celebrate our tenth anniversary, we hope to stay connected to our Indian-ness,” she concludes.


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