July 16, 2014 FDCI

Elegance Redefined

Sonic Sarwate tells us why couture is rooting for classic-ism over a fetish for flamboyant colours

By Asmita Aggarwal

With fashion taking the ivory and beige route to stardom, make-up and hair is responding with muted obedience. Moody make-up is gravitating towards elegance, while maintaining the classic elements, as the focus shifts to highlighting just one feature on the face—it is this time, back to the eyes and mouth.

MAC team’s Sonic Sarwate, a veteran for two years at Milan, Paris and London Fashion Weeks explains that a deeper mouth with colours ranging from berry, wine and burgundy are shining even as reds, tangerines and maroons are still capturing the fancy of those who like a bit of theatrics. “Lips are darker for a rich, luxurious feel, which is what couture is all about. Eyes are lined and the smoky look is still in with metallic shades ranging from gold to silver making a definitive impact,” he adds.

In keeping with what designers visualise, as the theme of the show, Sonic and his team interpret those ideas into a colour spectrum that reflects the collection’s inspiration and underlying theme. “Make-up must complement the outfit establishing a synergy. But hair is also seeing a carefree makeover, which looks as if it is done in minutes. Braids, all kinds, from fishtail to milkmaid are adding a quiet power and character to the overall appeal, this time,” says Sonic.


Taking a cue from the past seasons, the skin is getting real, make-up free and almost neutral. So besides a bit of illuminating powder to rev up a glow, Sonic has restricted the rouge to peachy tones. “When we look at couture it is mostly burnt corals and pinks which work quite well on the cheeks. But couture is taking a stand and going back to pure shades and minimalism, make-up is following suit with grounded tones,” he says. Though nails and lips should ideally be synchronised; if there are hints of glitter on one, the other must subscribe to same ethos. “I’ve done international fashion weeks and I must confess that Indian shows are aligned with what’s on global catwalks,” he concludes.


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