October 1, 2013 Asmita Aggarwal

Practical Clothing

Farmer-turned-designer Josh Goraya is ready with his debut line that hopes to woo women, who value wearability over fickle trends

When Josh Goraya was growing up his dad, a famer wanted him to be an engineer, but it was his mother who supported his dream to making it big in the fashion world. She filled his form for NIFT Kolkata, encouraged him to chase his hopes and today Josh is ready with his debut line for WIFW SS 14.

Josh, comes from the Hebrew name Joshua, who was a saint and warrior, and being a Sikh his dad found a similarity between this philosophy and the tenants of his faith. “It is an unusual name for a Jat boy like me,” he laughs.

Launching his label in 2011, Josh calls himself a farmer-turned-designer, and admits it was vanity that propelled him towards fashion. That’s why the name of his WIFW line is aptly titled “Alter Nature”. “Women are always talking about how being natural is beautiful but then they do use man-made products to heighten that beauty, a lot like men,” he explains. The shaving razor, which has been repeatedly used by Josh in his line in the form of prints, is a metaphor for altering true nature.

“When I was a student I learnt that fashion is not just about being avant-garde, it is must be accessible and adaptable, what you see on the catwalk, must be something that will go directly into your closet. It is a practical but fun approach to fashion,” he muses.

Josh will be showing both men and womenswear, with the latter forming a major chunk with 15-20 pieces. Interestingly, if you ask him seeing his womenswear if it is inspired by androgyny, he will immediately recoil. “Androgyny is a misused word, I would say that the clothes for women are tailored well like you do for men. We have focused on finishing the hems, cutting sleeves uniquely, like the way you do a men’s jacket,” he explains.

The colours range from off whites, beiges, plum reds to greys using fabrics which are ideal for spring; cotton blended with linen and silks, in a line which is hoping to give classics a contemporary twist. “The biggest challenge for me to get this line up and going has been infrastructure issues. I have just begun so many things needed to be outsourced. But having said that I enjoyed the process from start to finish, it was exhilarating. Prints have been my forte so it was delightful to see them coming into shape on my A-line dresses, saris, shorts, trousers to suits,” he adds.

Wearable and not boring being his tagline, Josh hopes to be able to retail his label internationally soon, with New York, Shanghai and Paris being his targets. “My goal is to expand my clientele, understand the business side and give women want, something they can really wear without feeling uncomfortable or apprehensive,” he concludes.

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