August 1, 2013 Asmita Aggarwal

Mahabharat Reinterpreted

Like ace archer Arjun, Anju Modi hit the fish eye with her voluminous, layered lehengas.

There was a film by Mahesh Manjrekar, Astitva, where Tabu plays this feminist, who revolts against the set norms of a patriarchal society. Maybe it was her exceedingly independent roles that won her the status of an unconventional Bollywood actress. But she was the right choice as the show stopper of Anju Modi’s couture extravaganza which was a tribute to the modern woman with intellect and not a smart dressing Hindi film actress. “I chose Tabu because I like her free thinking mind, the fact that like Drapaudi she is a woman of substance, well read, and has remained elegant in life as well as in her choice of films,” says Tabu.


Draupadi was an extension of Anju’s Devi line last year, and this time there was long, layered lehengas, gold foil work, the whole antiquated look, with corsets, jackets and elegantly draped saris. Much like Anju, her ensembles too are organic, so she paid homage to Chanderi, khadi, raw silk and Benaresi weaves. Peek-a-boo velvet and gotta borders are one of Anju’s many loves; along with asymmetry and churi sleeves, though what was pleasing were the horse and chariot prints depicting scenes from Mahabharata written by rishi Vyas, the use of ancient motifs that you see on temples; the little embroidered golden cage with parrots on the back of tunics were endearing. “I can’t work with synthetics, it blocks my creativity. All the fabrics must be real, raw and breathable,” she admits.

Mahabharat Reinterpreted

There were scenes from the epic, which brought alive the politics of life, mythology and the game of chausar with Shakuni rolling the proverbial dice. And there is nobody like model Jesse Randhawa who can carry off a voluminous, layered, printed and crinkled lehenga as effortlessly as she can. As the line progressed from reds, turmeric to pretty pastels, what caught your attention were the nattily designed chariot wheels, gold hairpins and Arjun, the archer brooches on sherwanis for men.

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