October 10, 2012 FDCI Team

Brisk Business at WIFW SS 2013

When you see an advance being paid to designers in more than three booths, assume safely that business has been brisk! And so it has been at WIFW SS 2013.

There are two reasons why business has been good at this edition of WIFW.

For the designers that have been regulars with international buyers, the change of season is what brings on the high volume orders. Spring Summer is usually when buyers from Europe and the US loosen their purse strings considerably. That’s because when gloomy winters get over, people are ready to splurge on everything vibrant and fashionable!

“I couldn’t be more satisfied,” says Paras Bairoliya from Geisha Designs. “We have booked over 2 5 orders and also gained a few international buyers. It’s been a fabulous season of business for us,” he adds.

Anupama Dayal who is known to do well internationally in Spring-Summer with her vibrant collections is also happy with her order-booking. “70% of my revenues are coming in from the international market,” she says.

At the other spectrum are designers who have done great business within India and are hoping that next season will be about reaching out to newer international buyers.
Divyam Mehta launched a fusion line at this WIFW and he says that, “It’s actually the tier two cities that are bringing in new business. Buyers from cities like Jaipur and Nagpur are my new buyers. In all 80% of my business has come from the domestic market this season.”

Kavita Bhartia, who is a favourite with Middle Eastern buyers, says that the scales have been tilting towards the domestic buyer for a few seasons now. “60% of order booking has come from the domestic clients. Overall I’m very happy with how business has been at WIFW SS 2013,” she adds

Designers like Atsu Sekhose and Elisha Wadhwani have seen a rise in business from the domestic market too. Their sales are up 25% when compared to the last Spring Summer season.

With almost all designers we spoke to, beaming about sales, we’ve got to say that business sure has a spring in its step this WIFW!


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